3 Reasons To Apply For Texas WIC Program

WIC Program Helps Mothers Raise Healthy Babies

The WIC Program Helps Moms, Babies Health

Texas WIC can be a mother’s best friend. Many moms and their children across Texas are benefiting from this nutritional supplement program aimed at getting babies off to a healthy start. It’s a FREE program for eligible mothers and their children up to age 5. Apply for Texas WIC to start benefiting today.

If you haven’t heard about Texas WIC or aren’t sure of it’s benefits, we are giving you our top 3 reasons to consider applying for the program:


There are few better ways to help a baby grow healthy than by helping an expecting mother with nutrition and health.  A healthy mother can help create a healthy baby. That’s why the program is open to pregnant women. 

 The Texas WIC program helps mothers with nutrition counseling and guidance along the way. There are so many health considerations to  make once you become pregnant:  What should I eat? Should I exercise? How much? Am I getting the right nutrients?  It can all be a lot to take in for any mother, but Texas WIC nutritionists can be there along the way to help you make healthy choices. 

One of the best parts is that Texas WIC provides free, nutritious food package supplements each month to help you eat healthy in order to give the baby (and you) the nutrition you need during pregnancy.

Once the baby arrives, they are also there for support. WIC experts help with breastfeeding guidance and nutrition support for your child up to age 5. That means there is help for so many of the concerns you have as a new mother, like: “Am I feeding my baby the right way and enough’ Texas WIC offers FREE counseling and guidance to so many of these health questions. 


Texas WIC is an amazing gift for your child. The program ensures that your baby doesn’t go without healthy nutrition.  Aside from breastfeeding support, Texas WIC even pays for baby formula (which can be very expensive).  If your baby needs a special baby formula, it will pay for that too with a doctor’s prescription.  As the child gets older, the free monthly food package changes with your child’s needs. 

Keeping your child fed with the right nutrition isn’t the only support you will get.  Texas WIC  also offers free counseling and guidance to help make sure your baby is growing healthy. There are even free online nutrition classes. 


There is no better benefit than free, nutritious food for you and your baby. Knowing your baby is getting the nutrition they need is enough to calm almost any anxious mother. The best part is that it’s free to qualifying mothers and their babies. 

Each month Texas WIC will load benefits onto an ebt card. WIC clients can use this card to redeem their benefits for WIC foods at stores.  The food benefits will change as your baby grows and has different needs. The food packages can cover everything from baby formula and baby food to milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, whole wheat bread, tortillas and pasta and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

To make it even easier, Lone Star Family Market locations are open near Austin, Round Rock and San Marcos area WIC clinics to help WIC clients redeem their benefits in an easy shopping format.  Lone Star Family Market stores are not affiliated with WIC  – but are a Primarily WIC grocery store – which means they mostly carry only WIC-approved items.  At Lone Star Family Market,  WIC clients don’t have to go searching for WIC items in the store. Instead, they simply walk up to a counter where a staff member will walk them through the shopping process for getting their WIC groceries. It’s a super easy and convenient way to get your WIC groceries. 


Want to find out if you qualify for Texas WIC? The program is open to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, infants and families with children under age 5.  There are also income requirements to qualify for the program. If you would like to join Texas WIC, you can start your application today by visiting: https://texaswic.org/apply

You may soon learn what so many families already know: Texas WIC can be a mother’s best friend.

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