Texas WIC Classes for Moms this January

Texas WIC classes this month are packed with wonderful tips from experts. Included are sessions on everything from how to make a recipe using WIC foods to story time for your little one.  Use the link below to Texas WIC to sign up for the free classes.

Here is a glance at some of the FREE upcoming LIVE ONLINE classes that can be taken from the comfort of your own home:

  • Live Pregnancy Discussion: Preparing for Baby and Taking Care of You – Monday, January 9 12:00PM   You’ve probably heard a lot of different advice about pregnancy, making it hard to know what’s best when it comes to nutrition, health and preparing for your new baby. Join us for a LIVE discussion on all things pregnancy featuring a special guest expert!
  • Live Discussion on WIC Shopping Tips and Tricks – Tuesday, January 10 12:00PM   Does WIC shopping overwhelm or confuse you? Join us for a live discussion where we’ll explain how to choose the right foods, some tips and tricks for common shopping challenges and what’s new in WIC foods.
  • Live – Ask the Expert about Breastfeeding and Pumping – Tuesday, January 10 3:00PM   If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, join us for a weekly discussion on breastfeeding topics. Bring your support person and meet with our breastfeeding experts, as they dive into everything you need to know about breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding.
  • Live Discussion on Introducing Your Baby to Foods – Wednesday, January 11 11:00 AM   Introducing solid food is an exciting adventure, but we know it can be overwhelming! If you have a baby who is getting ready to start solid foods, or has recently started, join us for a LIVE discussion about introducing solid foods.
  • Live Discussion and Activity on Cool Drinks for Kids – Thursday, January 12 11:00AM   Are you looking for a way to keep your child hydrated without giving them sugary drinks? Join us for a LIVE discussion and recipe activity to learn simple ways to make water more appealing to your child.
  • Live Discussion on Breastfeeding After Coming Home from the Hospital – Thursday, January 12 2:00 PM   Join us for a LIVE discussion about what to expect with breastfeeding once you come home from your hospital or birthing center. Our infant feeding experts will dive into common questions about engorgement, feeding schedules and positioning.

To register for these events, and see additional WIC Click & Learn Classes visit Texas WIC online at:  https://texaswic.org/online-classes

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